Movement Worship: Momentum 2014 Trip Recap

This summer, one of our stops was in Chicago for Momentum Conference 2014.  It was an awesome time! Mindy Mcmanaway, who is the wife of our electric guitar play and a member at Movement Church, put together a recap video of all the fun we got into during the week. The trip consisted of us playing covers/worship music outside the chapel before every session, playing big plastic drums for the opening session with the main band (Jordan Howerton Band), and getting to see Chicago. Since we were also apart of the Momentum Conference Staff, we were a part of campus security at night! At the very end you will see some security bloopers. 🙂

Thanks for praying for us this summer as we traveled!


New Live Worship EP

Album Cover

Did you know that you are seeing God tangibly answer prayer? Yes, recording a live worship album has been a dream and a goal for me ever since Movement Church first started.  We want Movement Worship to be the heartbeat of who we are as we celebrate what God is doing in and through us! We are a movement of people finding their way back to God, daily.  Worshipping together has been a big way we celebrate along our journey in our pursuit to God.

This summer the Movement Worship Band will be playing at Operation Everything Camp, Beyond Camp, and Momentum Conference in Chicago. Last year we played at Operation Everything Camp and it quickly became the bands highlight of the summer. The kids sing with their hearts and every bit of their lungs and voices.  Imagine 170+ kids crammed in a small room singing to Jesus with all they have! This year we are very humbled to be asked to come back.  We then decided that this is where we wanted to record our live worship EP and capture the experience. EP stands for extended play, so that means there will be anywhere from 4-8 songs instead of 10-12, which is a full length album. Songs will be released soon!

You can be praying that as a band we will be able to not just be ready musically, but mentally and spiritually as we worship with these kids! I know I can speak for the whole band in that we don’t do this for the recording or for our own self promotion, but to glorify God and to magnify His name in such a way that everyone in that room would come away knowing God more!

One last thing…THE EP WILL BE FREE! Yes, FREE! However, that does not mean there aren’t costs involved. Even though we want you to have this EP in your hands for free, we will be taking donations for this EP if you want to help support us in our efforts to complete this.  Earthwork Recording Studios will be recording the event next week, and Noland Recording Studios will be mixing it (Jeremy Noland’s recording studio, who is one of our very own at Movement Church). If that is something you would like to donate to, fill out the contact form below! It would greatly help!

Thank you for your continued prayer and support! Excited to see God do big things!

Josh Howard

Creative Arts/Worship Pastor